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How to get the most of a dating website: If you’re just starting out on your dating journey, looking for helpful tips and advice or simply curious about dating you’ve come to the right place!
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You meet a guy at a bar, he texts to hang out next Friday and gives you an address. All this for the equivalent of a 30-year-old frat boy in the city. You tell him you don't have any gym clothes on you. The guy is probably more into the score of the Yankees game as well. ) And then he has a family emergency that he needs to go out of town for, but he will DEFINITELY call you when he gets back. That commute sounds completely doable, considering you don't own a car and all! You go out with a friend and meet her cute coworker. He gets up to go to the bathroom...never returns, and you never hear from him ever again.

He pulls out his ex-girlfriend's tennis shoes that he didn't think to throw out (well, he didn't throw out the DVDs, so why throw out old tennis shoes, am I right? Guess he's still out of town on that family emergency..everything's okay! You start chatting with a guy on Ok Cupid (This is obviously going to end well, I mean, it started with Ok C...) and you try to make plans to meet up. The night ends with just the two of you and you exchange numbers. A year later, you guys all hang out again, same thing. Guess he fell into the toilet bowl and drowned to death? A guy scheduled two dates in one day -- one at brunch and another for drinks in the evening. His reasoning was that he knew he wasn't going to get lucky with a brunch date, so he might as well get tipsy at brunch and let that buzz carry over to the evening drinks, where he still had a shot with the second girl. The thing with dating in New York City is that we're all too selfish. You can get anything you want in the world at any time of the night as long as you can afford it, but no one has time.

People are not willing to take the time to actually get to know each other because if it doesn't happen tonight, then screw it, they're moving onto the next girl. People are a commodity since there's always a new fresh batch moving in with bright-eyed wonder and innocence.

Who would choose a date they've never met before over a work commitment? Why turn off the TV and miss the end of the game when you can have sex and listen to the score in the background? In any other city, the time you take to go on one date would otherwise be filled with an evening home alone re-watching an episode of , but in New York City, you can either go on a date with someone you've never met before and possibly have an okay time, but realistically, just call it a success if the other person isn't completely crazy, OR you could have the best night of your life with your friends and a guaranteed good time dancing and ending up eating chicken and rice at 3 a.m.

There are about 1 million Tinder users in New York City, making it the largest market of any American city, the company told the New York Times.

If you cast a wide net (or swipe right a lot), the chances of dating someone who dated someone you know are incredibly small.

Although the fact that single women outnumber single men in New York City creates a challenge for straight women (especially when we get down to ratios per borough and neighborhood), the odds of meeting someone new, gay or straight, are assumedly still higher than in other cities.

In "New York's technologized dating scene," as the New York Times put it, potential dates are at your fingertips at any moment.

He told me that if he showered he’d have to wear a glove, a hat or a tie.

Admittedly, there were not sparks flying on any of my first dates, but a couple of them were certainly guys I would have liked to get to know better and would have gladly gone had they asked me out again.

I have also tried initiating (many) emails myself and I have yet to have a guy respond to an email that I have initiated.

There's a reason thousands of people move to New York City each year (the population has grown by over 161,500 since 2010, according to U. Either way, it's a struggle New Yorkers share and can bond over, especially when drowning their sorrows over after-work drinks.

Transplants make up the majority of New York City residents: According to Furman Center's State of New York City's Housing and Neighborhoods, 14.4% of New Yorkers were born somewhere else in the U. With so many transplants from other parts of the country and world, New York City is diverse in every way you can imagine — professionally, ethnically, financially, culturally.