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He argues that some of the prophecies in Daniel are so congruent to the time of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the book must have been written during his time (175-164 BC).

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That just means that there's some compatibility," Bishop Jones stated on the aftershow after being questioned by Bishop Ron Gibson and his wife Lavette."Nobody asks if she would want to live with me in a marital environment." When the question was asked of Loretta on the show, all parties involved seemed shocked by her response.

However there are all sorts of arrangements marital, non-marital, cross-generational and even cross gender core units that now comprise the basis of "family".

eader who defines better or worse-to end a marriage?

Marriage is a very serious "commitment." Some people are more committed to their jobs, cars, extended family etc than they are to their marriage.

Source: Oxygen There are many things that viewers find questionable about Oxygen’s “Preachers Of LA”.

One of those things being Bishop Noel Jones’ 16-year-old relationship with his lady friend, Loretta.