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I have known owners of these dogs that could not have company over because they were over protective and under socialized.


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a subsidiary that is not included in the consolidated financial statements of the group to which it belongs.


Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co.

SEOUL — Official reports about the execution of the uncle and onetime mentor of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un raised questions Friday about the totalitarian regime’s stability and the mercurial leader’s mindset. It may be other factions, particularly the military, and if that is true, then this may not contribute to the power of Kim.

North Korean state media reported that Jang Song-thaek, widely regarded as Mr. On the contrary, he may be weaker after this.”But Daniel Pinkston, who heads the Seoul chapter of the International Crisis Group, is convinced that Mr. Kim is highly confident after having taken full control of major state agencies by inserting his own appointees into key positions.“This will have a chilling effect throughout the system, and though it will ruffle a lot of feathers, I think Kim has done the groundwork,” Mr. “He has been covering his bases with the security apparatus.

This book investigates sand production problems in the development of unconsolidated sand reservoirs and suggests novel technical solutions and improvements to sand management issues.

This book is divided into six chapters: (1) geologic characteristics of unconsolidated sand heavy oil reservoirs and concept of sand management technology; (2) sand production mechanisms and its effect on reservoir petrophysical quality; (3) sand production quantity prediction and well productivity evaluation methods, especially for fluid-solid coupling prediction model; (4) completion technology for sand management; (5) sand flow in well bore and surface processing; (6) the application of sand management technology in China’s Bohai heavy oil field.