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In no way Trend Micro Email Gateway, End-Point, nor server protections was alerted that an end point was having a suspicious activity on server by systematically processing each directory and files the user has read and write access to.I'm even thinking that the virus execution was triggered when it was sent automatically to Trend Micro (Some files correlates with the time the encryption process has started).

for the 2017 Pwn2Own competition run by the Trend Micro Tipping Point Zero Day Initiative.While fast to scan, Trend Micro's 2017 Windows antivirus products tend to have a high impact on system performance.Rather than a permanent program, House Call is an online antivirus scanner that you need to reload every time you use it and that doesn't include real-time scanning.What this tells us is that multiple researchers have found similar zero-day vulnerabilities.We can expand this concept to assume the bad guys have found some of these bugs as well and will use them before they are patched out, if they’re not using them already.Hi friends, I have Trend Micro running in the environment.