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Sorm for updating multiple database records

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Hi all Started learning Laravel a couple of weeks ago and now starting to write my first application as really this is the best way to learn so forgive me if my attempts are naive.

What is the best way to create/update one of more tables as part as my user registration?

First, I wrote a template with a simple query and list of dynamic form fields: My query grabbed the primary key and artname from the Cold Fusion sample database cfartgallery.

I create one text field for each row and pass the primary key value in the name of the form field.

In the Database section, choose your database connection from the Connection list.

Brief background: I am fetching data from various tables using a single query (for a date).

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a Web page that updates multiple records and stores them in a database. In the Files panel, open the sample file: sample_form_2. If you’d like to display a particular page after the update operation is complete, browse for the file by clicking the folder icon next to the Go to (optional) field.

Then choose the database table you want to update the records into from the Table list, itemcategory.

If IGNORE is provided, all errors encountered during the update are ignored.

If an update on a row would result in a violation of a primary key or unique index, the update on that row is not performed.