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Sexy database

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If you have declared named connections as described above in ' DEFINING MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS', then calling the database() keyword with the name of the connection as specified in the config file will get you a database handle connected with those details.

You can also pass a hashref of settings if you wish to provide settings at runtime. This means you can use it just like you'd normally use a DBI handle, but extra convenience methods are provided.

The sexy database is backed up there in a private repository named sexy-database. As you can see in the above image, the sexy database contains three databases: The host database contain all hosts, including mac addresses, host type (VM or hardware), network cards, etc.

At, almost all important configurations are backed up at github.

As I am soon leaving, this blog post is written for those interested in sexy and cdist, as well as the other sysadmins at to remember how things are setup.

The following picture will give you a general impression how things are setup.

This module is developed on Github at: Feel free to fork the repo and submit pull requests!

Also, it makes sense to watch the repo on Git Hub for updates. Even a quick mail to let me know the module is useful to you would be very nice - it's nice to know if code is being actively used.