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On the other hand, when the first custom union between southern states were formed, they wanted to show they had a large population in order to claim a larger share of the custom revenue.

Peter Wohlleben's bestselling book claims that trees can talk to one another and have relationships and social structures.

Dawit A., 34, is accused of attacking a woman named only as Tirhas, 26, at an asylum centre in the city of Benshiem in July last year, throwing her 15ft on to a concrete floor after she refused him sex.

Valentine's Day exists to celebrate love, relationships, and sex.

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The first systematic population survey on the European continent was taken in 1719 in the Mark Brandenburg of the Kingdom of Prussia, in order to prepare the first general census of 1725.

Read on for our list of non-lame Valentine's Day date ideas.

And don't forget to check back, since we will be updating the list with more ideas as the big day approaches. Rather than simply using your favorite sex toys on Valentine's Day, take the excitement a step further by visiting your local sex toy shop and splurging on something together.

Same-sex marriage also gives them legal protections such as inheritance and hospital visitation rights.

Various faith communities around the world support allowing those of the same sex to marry, while many major religions oppose same-sex marriage.