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The age of consent in Wisconsin is 18 and there is no "close in age" exemption. We get these kids that think somehow their case is different. If you touch her wrong I hope her daddy meets ya out back.
Since its launch in 2001, more than 15 million Christian singles have turned to Christian Mingle when looking for lasting love, fulfilling friendships or a fabulous date.

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Among gamers, Microsoft's decision to turn Kinect into an integral feature of Xbox One continues to raise concerns when details of the new console first came to light earlier this year.With each system capable of using an advanced camera capable of listening for voice commands, potential buyers wondered whether this technology can pose potential security and privacy risks.But on the world's biggest video-game streaming site, Twitch, the stars of The Playroom haven't been its robots — they've been its players.The Play Station 4 can stream any of its games live.These are some of the most common questions that I get from other parents about Minecraft.I add to this list every time I think of more, so if you have a question that's not here go ahead and send it to me!

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I've heard changing your race is a bad idea though.

Streaming a video game is like having someone watch over your shoulder as you play: both streamer and viewer are absorbed by the same rendered, imagined, computerized world.

But streaming The Playroom is showing the internet your real world.

EA has confirmed that in Granted, players can just use their console’s party system to chat with teammates, but what about in random matchmaking, then?

Will this affect the game at all or not as much as people would like to think?