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In Thailand, a few friends told me I would never be able to get Vietnamese people to talk about their dating culture.
She doesn’t want to read a boring list of adjectives.

Seattle university dating scene

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Young, gay, and yearning for the same fairy-tale romance seen in classic Hollywood films, Charlie navigates the New York City dating scene of icky online encounters, seedy back rooms, and cute freshman boys who “aren’t really out” in an effort to find his own love story. But even though Charlie lives in this romantic New York where supposedly anything can happen, finding love is not as easy as his onscreen heroes make it seem.

First off, he’s in love with his best friend, affectionately nicknamed “Hubs,” who has recently set up some confusing boundaries for their friendship because of his new boyfriend.

No, I spent a half hour or more listening to him talk about his job.

Since I am not in the tech industry, I don’t understand any of it.

Pity those poor cities where they take "walks" through depressingly flat "parks." The view from here is much, much better.

There was no grilling about where you were from and what your family was like and what you were looking for.

It was all job speak—the type of language ladder-climbers use; it was the kind of talk that shuts vaginas down cold.

I hadn’t been out of the house all day, I work from home and I see no people except in a computer monitor, so human company, any kind really, was necessary.

I don't need to live or be around other blacks ( my current neighborhood in Atlanta is mainly white and latin).

I'm also the only black guy who works on my team, and I'm pretty comfortable with that (been that way on numerous occassions).