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Rowupdating oldvalues empty

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Hi I am trying to create functionality on my page where if the user presses escape the field returns to its previous value All the fields are TDBEdit fields.To use the Oldvalue/Newvalue properties, Cached Updates must be true.event we create a new View Model object with the values entered in the grid.

rowupdating oldvalues empty-22

However, when I insert a new record (Insert mode activated on open) and press escape on the field, the oldvalue does not contain nil (empty) but the value of the first record of my table.How do I get this to work so that when I insert a new record, all old values are flushed. As String; and you could also do it on the form Key Press so that when they pres escape it just reloads the Edit1.I have tried applyupdates and commitupdates before calling insert. It also appears that Old Value only differs from newvalue until I leave the field. Xsys You could replace the TDBEdit with a regular TEdit then when the form is created or painted do a Edit1. I had though of a similar solution of using a query to hold the values of the existing record and update from the query when escape is pressed. I would like to add the functionalty either in one place per form or once in the parent form.Of more importance here for me is to understand the use and limitations of Cached Updates, Oldvalue, newvalue. I can then use the TDBEdit(Axtive Control).oldvalue/newvalue/text option to manipulate every field on the form and handle the escape keypress in a formpreview function.If a practical solutions is availble using these properties it will suite my cause better. hence I am looking for an answer to be able to use these properties. The basis of the app is a simple data capture station.Please note these property names are same as the ones in the ASPX file.