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But we’re a little worried, because the two seem to have broken up.
They call this the "Sadie Hawkins dance" methodology.

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Listen to that nagging voice inside that knows deep down that you deserve better. Story: Madame Catarina as Dr Psycho, the beautiful and sadistic correctional behavioural therapist who specialises in cruel experiments on male specimens and the treatment of horny slaves.Dr Psycho’s patient has been referred to her by another Mistress who wishes to put an end to her slave’s horniness through castration.It is then time to remove the chastity device, but only so she can get better access to his cock with her clamps and violet wand and begin the electro castration in earnest The patient’s cries of pain only serve to spur Dr Psycho on as she expertly applies her electrical instruments and increases the intensity of the treatment until it is time to test the results.Taking his cock in her gloved hand as she continues to administer the painful treatment with ever more painful electro devices Dr Psycho is eventually satisfied that the Electro castration has worked as the patient cannot cum or even get a hard cock proving the experiment a success and showing that Dr Psycho was right.Whilst chemical or manual castration sounds nice, Dr Psycho has an idea for an experiment for castration with Electro Shock Therapy….