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Stevens, Vertex, Blue Öyster Cult Pitrelli attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston in the early 1980s (where keyboardist Derek Sherinian was his dorm roommate; they would later work together in the Alice Cooper band).

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My favorite part about the definition is that it says “not limited” as in “unlimited” as in I have UNLIMITED SEXUAL CHOICES, YEAH!More importantly though, it felt really uncomfortable and stupid for me to have to google a word to “appropriately” label my sexual preference.It made me realize that I’m more uncomfortable with trying to sum up my sexuality with one word than I ever was about my actual sexuality.At times I’ve felt a lot of weird guilt around how I identify my sexuality. Is there a quota I should have hit with different kinds of people before I’m allowed to call it more than “experimenting?Notable pansexual celebrities include Jazz Jennings, Angel Haze, Laci Green, and most recently Miley Cyrus.

They didn’t, or it never felt like the right ones did and I spent a lot more time worrying about how I would be single forever and never fall in love, rather than being concerned with gender.Polysexual would mean that someone is attracted to multiple genders, in any combination, not necessarily people who identify as men or women.As an example, they could be attracted to women and non-binary people, but not men.”Consider pansexual attraction as being transcendent of gender, meaning: it isn’t limited by gender (internal awareness of a gender role or identity) or sex (anatomy of one’s reproductive system).if you already know this stuff– plasmic (and you know who you are, i’m sure). i mean, we call stephen harper “the right honorable stephen harper”, for fucks can we agree that the english language, though beautiful, is totally cocked up? also, there is no reason why bisexuals who only experience attraction to people of 2 genders have to experience attraction to men and women. you can do this with clothing, mannerisms, pronouns, etc.The truth is, sexuality is complicated, and the best way we can really understand ourselves and each other is to be more aware of the many different ways humans can love.