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Here live animal spirits who are none too keen on humans and Air must find true love within the fifty day limit alloted or she will return to Earth a lonely girl once more.

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Bucky: yeah, sure Tony: what to know what else we found?? Loki would have a better chance at dating her Clint: that's cold.

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*(Y/n) Has started a movie titled [Tony x Clint: a secret affair] Written by (Yo Dev name) *Tony: WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR FREE TIME WOMAN?!? I feel a bit complicated in this one, I'm not sure if Levi is better off liking that reader but I don't its such a good idea. Levi- tch, if you weren't so fucking ugly, it would have been easier to tell the damn difference. Grips chest with left hand and falls to the floor slowly, reaching in the air with the right hand* Senpai, why you gotta be so ruuuude?Levi is probably in his teens and reader, I don't know... "You are going to tell me everything.""Big brother? Clint: a whole file of Pietro X readers and Loki x readers Bucky: I’m sorry, what!? (y/n): They were requested by my fricking watchers you dumb Tony: but was this… Because all I’m seeing is Dean x readers and they are looking pretty raunchy(Y/n): GET OUT OF MY STORY HUB, NOW!! HOW ARE YOU EVEN ON MY COMPUTER WITH ME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Pietro: now this I’m curios about(Y/n): Don’t you fricking dare stark. (y/n): oh this is just my first lemon Tony and Clint: YOU HAVE OTHERS?!?