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Fully two-thirds of teen texters say they are more likely to use their cell phones to text their friends than talk to them to them by cell phone.One in three teens sends more than 100 text messages a day, or 3000 texts a month.Now the one of the most popular apps in the world, Whats App, sees end-to-end encryption as being central to its future and that of its estimated 1 billion users.The latest bit of Whats App to get the security makeover is face-to-face video calling, a new feature being added to the program in a global roll-out from this week.Screen Retriever, is a monitoring program that allows parents to record and remotely view their children’s computer screen in real time.The program lets you “check-in” on your children from time to time without being too intrusive.Get it together Moco Please pleas please consider bringing this website and app into 2017 and beyond.

Conventional wisdom holds that in a post-Edward Snowden world, app users have started worrying government surveillance of their lives and are crying out for technologies that guarantee privacy.

End-to-end encryption (with forward secrecy and user verification), licensed from Open Whisper Systems in 2014, does this because the keys used to encrypt data are generated by mobile devices and are never stored on Whats App servers.

The company can’t access user data even if it wanted to.

Microsoft Netmeeting Description: Net Meeting delivers a complete Internet conferencing solution for all Windows users with multi-point data conferencing, text chat, whiteboard, and file transfer, as well as point-to-point audio and video. They are similar to email because they consist of text that you type back and forth.

However, unlike email, you dont have to wait hours or days for an answer. TPG Internet does not accept any responsibility for the performance of the enclosed freeware, shareware, demonstration and evaluation software, nor its suitability for any stated purpose.