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Most often, the best default position for the Disqus widget is in the bottom slot of the bottom-most right column.

So, you buy some tools to tell you which keywords you need to target. And then you sit back, waiting for Google to send you a flood of traffic. Sure, maybe you rank for a few uncompetitive terms, but for the terms that really matter, you’re still stuck on page 14 where no one can find you. The biggest, most important factor is the number of links from trusted sources.

You can optimize your site perfectly, but if you’re not getting any links from the authorities in your niche, nothing you can do will raise your ranking.

Yes, you can follow black hat strategies to cheat the system, but for the most part, those strategies fail to work after a few months, causing your traffic to vanish, and in many cases, they can even get you banned from Google forever.

Translation: For beginning bloggers, SEO is largely a waste of time.

View Answer Thanks, it was really easy especially after watching the video.

To do so: If your blog's settings allow only certain people to comment within Blogger, all comments synced from Disqus will be shown as authored by the blog owner instead of the commenter.But edge services like these ultimately take their cues from the origin.Think of it this way: If you want total body strength, you see the most benefits by increasing the strength of the area in the body where almost all movement originates from: the core.Any MOD support should be obtained through the Customisations Database in the support area designated for each MOD.The php BB Team is not responsible nor required to provide support for this modification.To prevent this, go to Blogger → Settings → Comments and set the Who Can Comment? If the gadget installer isn't working for your site, you have the option of manually installing Disqus.