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Also, i use to start out only watching when i was bored and had nothing else to watch. I found him though Shaycarl when he told us in a vlog blake came sown to help make videos and take photos for Shayloss channel and Trixin Stuff. I thought all he made videos of is his art work that he made. I believe a fan made this maybe I don’t know I found it on google… box so i watched a lot of his videos and i loved it and now i can’t stop watching. I new of meliisa though charles cause they are brother and sister. I got to know them Through Charles’ vlogs and then when they started vlogging i subed and watch them. Ctfxc - Charles and Allie Trippy with ex-wife Alli Speed just part of getting to know Charles and a little update on her. We the Kings - with Danny aka Dlv and Travis and some of the other band members…Wassabi & Friends - Alex with a little on his annoying gf & Aaron & Frousy Tube & a update on Roi who use to be Alex’s friend and more….
The Guardian thinks out Aussie comic Zoë Coombs Marr should win Person of the Year. The City Paper gives a history of Baltimore’s lesbian scene.