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Many friends are recently looking for an easy-to-use DVD Creator at the advice of Apple since they do not support i DVD anymore on Lion and Mountain Lion. I am trying to burn a movie to disk and cannot locate i DVD on my computer. Apple is moving too fast on updating its OS, but there will be no update from Apple for i DVD, and there will be no new version either.
She will remain inpatient for her treatment so she can be closely monitored and kept as comfortable as possible it's hitting her hard and she is really exhausted xx We got to move to our new apartment last week with the massive help and support of John and Jayne The Gavin Glynn Foundation Mark and Shannon Wallace and all who helped us at Texas Children's Hospital Gallery Furniture Mark, Sarah, Philly, Meghan, Elaine, Sharon, Pamela, Staci, Molly, Cindy, Michael and all our Irish and American friends here who have helped us to make a very comfortable home away from home We are scared and anxious about the unknown but excited about how this treatment will work for Shan.