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The PPI is formed by: (i) the public infrastructure projects implemented through partnership contracts concluded by the direct and indirect Public Administration of the Union; (ii) the public infrastructure projects, by delegation or with the promotion of the Union, to be implemented through partnership agreements concluded by the direct or indirect Public Administration of the States, the Federal District or the Municipalities; and (iii) the remaining measures of the National Privatization Program () referred to in Law No. Articles 2 and 4 of Law 9,491/1997 contemplate the following privatization measures: (a) divestment of equity interest, including stock control, preferably by spraying of shares; (b) opening of capital; (c) capital increase, with total or partial waiver or cession of subscription rights; (d) sale, rental, leasing, lending or transfer of goods and facilities; (e) dissolution of corporations or partial deactivation of their ventures, with the consequent sale of their assets; (f) concession, permission or authorization of public services; and (g) leasing (, redemption of venue, exchange, transfer, granting of right in rem of resolvable use and alienation by sale of immovable property of any domain of the Union of any: (i) companies, including financial institutions, directly or indirectly controlled by the Union, imposed by law or act of the Executive Branch; (ii) companies created by the private sector and that for any reason whatsoever passed to the direct or indirect control of the Union; (iii) public services object of concession, permission or authorization; (iv) State public financial institutions whose shares have been expropriated in the form of Decree-Law No.
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