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Police say the station wagon has damage to the driver's side taillight and rear bumper.Oh dear-the negroes and bananas From Fox News Man crashes into Conn.Winner The Barbet Revealed: Getting Under the Curls of the Ancient French Water Dog by Elisabeth Roest Kempemo & Brigitte Waller-Rengelink Dog Eared Pages988-1-7 Finalist A Place to Call Home: Toby's Tale by G. Whitmore Outskirts Press978-1-4787-0073-9 Finalist An Animal Life: A Chance to Cut (Series Book 2) by Howard Krum Fluid Design Foundation978-0-9884885-3-3 Finalist The Wild Horse Dilemma: Conflicts and Controversies oof thhe East Coast Herds by Bonnie U. Wiley978-1-118-91901-9 Finalist From Fear to Faith: A Survivor's Story by Matt D. Scott Wind Rush Publishers978-098590970-3 Winner My Fellow American: Scouting, Diversity, and the U. 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Talford Talford Arts LLC978-0-9863523-0-0 Finalist My Fellow American: Scouting, Diversity, and the U. Pallamary Mystic Ink Publishing978-0692361245 Finalist The Seven Step Guide to Authorpreneurship by Rochelle Carter Ever Faith Press978-1937844745 Winner Kobee Manatee: Heading Home to Florida by Robert Scott Thayer, illustrated by Lauren Gallegos Thompson Mill Press978-0-9883269-27 Finalist Innovators in Action: Leonardo da Vinci Gets a Do-Over by Mark P. Take the Dog Out by Lynne Dempsey, illustrated by Mandy Newham-Cobb Lynne Dempsey978-0-9897875-3-6 Finalist Sharks Up Close, photography by Jim Abernethy, written by Jim Abernethy and Jennifer R. gas station, steals banana Associated Press Jan 09, 2014 AM EST Call it the case of the banana-eating bandit.Police in Connecticut say they're looking for a man who smashed his vehicle into a gas station in Newington, swiped a banana from a shelf and ate it before leaving early Wednesday morning. The store's surveillance video shows a Ford Freestyle with Connecticut license plates backing repeatedly into the store and breaking the glass doors, which set off the burglar alarm at about 2 a.m. Authorities describe him as a black man who was wearing a brown hat, dark jacket and dark pants.Fisher Lost Coast Press978-1-935448-29-7 Finalist Breathe: A Memoir of Motherhood, Grief, and Family Conflict by Kelly Kittel She Writes Press978-1938314780 Finalist Double Happiness: One Man's Tale of Love, Loss, and Wonder on the Long Roads of China by Tony Brasunas Torchpost978-0-991166244 Finalist Last Plane Out of Saigon by Richard Pena and John Hagan The Story Merchant978-0989715416 Finalist My Eyes Looking Back at Me: Insight Into a Survivor's Soul by Menucha Meinstein One to One Publishing978-0-9861293-0-8 Winner A Life in Books: The Rise and Fall of Bleu Mobley by Warren Lehrer Goff Books978-1-939621-02-3 Finalist Midnight in Malamulele by Darla Bartos Amazon.com978-1-5029-4504-4 Finalist Shattered Palms by Toby Neal Toby Neal978-0989148979 Finalist The Unheralded King of Preston Plains Middle by Jedah Mayberry River Grove Books978-1938416132 Finalist Widow Walk by Gerard Lasalle Greenleaf Book Group Press978-1608324408 Winner Access to Asia: Your Multicultural Guide to Building Trust, Inspiring Respect and Creating Long Lasting Business Relationships by Sharon Schweitzer, J. 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Oh dear-the negroes and bananas Bananas may be used for Crowd Control in black neighborhoods to ward off chimp outs.Rossis, illustrated by Dimitris Fousekis Create Space978-1505343106 Finalist The Island of Destiny: Pie Rats Book 3 by Cameron Stelzer Daydream Press978-0987461520 Finalist The League of Scientists: Ghost in the Water by the Editors at Science, Naturally! 978-0-9700106-2-9 Winner How The Trees Got Their Voices by Susan Andra Lion Satiama, LLC978-0-983268758 Finalist Adam and Jack: The Fear of Fishing by Alex Stephenson Create Space978-1507726471 Finalist Pancakes With Papa: Five Ways to Remember by Dena Albergo Jayson, illustrated by Rainer M.Osinger Ferne Press978-1-938326-40-0 Finalist Yoga in the Jungle by Ramiro Calle, illustrated by Nívola UyáCuento De Luz978-8416078165 Winner Master the Arts!(White) Wife: Former CNN reporter shoots, kills armed (black) robber at Westside motel A former CNN investigative reporter shot and killed an armed robber in a motel on Albuquerque's Westside late Tuesday, according to his wife.Police responded to the Motel 6 at Iliff Road NW off Coors around p.m."We tried to calm him, confuse him and do everything we could do to just come out of it in one piece." When it became clear to Russell that the man may shoot them, she told him they would look in her purse for something.