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Deloitte Access Economics has forecast that over-supplied inner-city apartment markets in Melbourne and Brisbane will fall by as much as 15 per cent in value by 2019."Booming house prices do help an economy as they occur," said Chris Richardson from Deloitte Access Economics."Eventually, though, they start to hurt."Mr Richardson said China led Australia's economic growth over the past decade but, as that has faded, the property market has taken its place.

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Something to keep in mind: On Ok Cupid, users can message anyone, they don’t need to match first like on Tinder.So when the Ok Cupid data talks about “attracting or receiving messages”, it basically just means people are interested, which on Tinder is like”right-swipes” and “matches”. Good :)And in case you were wondering, the My Space angle isn’t successful because you can kind of see down the girls shirt.Newsflash: Guys might think that we're the ones with all of the dirty fantasies, but don't take for granted all the sexual thoughts that females have going on up in their heads, because they're a whole lot more complicated (and feature that has the slightest thing to do with sex. Girl On The Net : Anonymous sex blogger behind the site that'll give you both a boner and an insight into your girlfriend's fantasies, Get her filthy book, , from all good digital bookshops."It's a bit skater boy, but I really like it when you can see some of a bloke's boxers above their jeans," says Emily.

"When they're out in the rain and it's dripping off their head…ah, hot." Forget bulging biceps and flat abs - when it comes to the bits of your body that turn her on, it's handily simple.

There’s a lot of information out there on what works when it comes to Tinder, some of it is good, some of it is bad… In order to get legit information, stuff you can rely on, we’re turning to Tinder’s closest and eldest relative, online dating.

We’ll take a look at the data from millions of online dating user profiles (it sounds boring, but it’s not! The data comes from Ok Cupid, a massive online dating site that does a lot of interesting tests and experiments.

Plus I like the fact he's horny because they're mine and smell like me.

It's not a cross-dressing thing." Daniel isn't quite on board yet: "I've only ever worn them to annoy my female flatmate." Like her own personal alarm clock, girls love a spontaneous morning shag, instigated by you. It turns a lot of girls on." "Listening to other people shag should feel super-hot, but whenever I've had to listen to it, it just makes me sad that I'm not having sex myself," says Go TN. "I stay in hotels all the time and when I hear people having sex I feel like masturbating loudly and shouting, "I'm wanking to you having sex!