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“It’s great for women who don’t like going out alone and don’t like meeting potential dates in pubs,” Debbie says. One day, if I’m lucky, I might even meet the love of my life!

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This is something that a camera can do, however, thanks to its adjustable exposure time.

EPFL researchers used this fact to hide visual information.

He has painted people and photographed them in deserts, on beaches, and hiding amongst the rocks.

Dusterwald certainly did a good job of painting his models – we couldn’t spot it for ages!

The distinction between fine art photography and other subgenres is not absolute, but there are certain defining characteristics.

Erotic interest, although often present, is secondary, which distinguishes art photography from both glamour photography, which focuses on showing the subject of the photograph in the most attractive way, and pornographic photography, which has the primary purpose of sexually arousing the viewer.

All the photos were shared on Snap Chat, a social media platform, and screenshots were taken of the pictures shared.

The boy with 40 photos had hid them on his phone with a “calculator plus” app, according to police.