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Error creating updating the odbc dsn

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For SQL authentication, specify the SQL login name and password. Step 6Select the desired application database from drop down list and click Next.Step 7Click on Finish and test the data source connectivity.Instead, they will write any values that a user changes into the Windows registry for the current user. The SQL option Disable _0 override parsing is used to override the default behavior for the SAS ODBC Driver.This prevents multiple users who are sharing a data source from changing each other's settings. Starting with SAS 9.3, the Disable _0 override parsing option is set by default on the SAS ODBC Driver.Before creating the DSN make sure the SQL Server Native client component is installed on the machine.You can install the SQL Server native client either from the SQL Server media or by downloading it from Below are the steps to create a 32-bit DSN on a 64-bit machine.Data Direct provides a number of wire protocol ODBC drivers that communicate directly with a database server, without having to communicate through a client library.

To open the 32-bit ODBC administrator on a 32-bit Windows operating system: In the Windows Control Panel, open Administrative Tools category. Configuring the DSN (Windows) To create a DSN for a database hosted by File Maker Pro, use the 32-bit ODBC administrator.If you host the same database on File Maker Server, create a 64-bit System DSN with the same name.If you have enabled sharing via ODBC/JDBC in the host application, you can select Connect to host to obtain the names of available databases. Otherwise, click Finish to save your data source information.Important When using a File Maker client driver, you must reserve 2399 as the port.To configure the 32-bit client driver, you must use the 32-bit ODBC administrator.To create a DSN for a database hosted by File Maker Server, use the 64-bit ODBC administrator.