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Compared to conventional radiocarbon techniques such as Libby's solid carbon counting, the gas counting method popular in the mid-1950s, or liquid scintillation (LS) counting, AMS permitted the dating of much smaller sized samples with even greater precision.
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To wear away the surface or some part of by friction. To make shorter in words, keeping the essential features, leaning out minor particles. Deviation from a right, customary, or prescribed course. To aid, promote, or encourage the commission of (an offense).

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Taking things slowly and one step at a time is the best approach to take with a new relationship.

Marriage is a bond; a union between two stood the test of time, feelings, love and lust over the years, you may want to consider a heartfelt apology.

Online dating web site is derived from traditional dating companies that have evolved ways to apologize to your partner than to write a short 'I am sorry' message that touches the heart.

e-Book News It is a truth too rarely acknowledged, that a commuter in possession of a sophisticated electronic device, must be in want of a good book.

Hypertext blogger Steve Johnson, paraphrasing Jane Austen RECENT NEWS Since April last year, we’ve been doing something new with news.