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The 58-year-old host was first linked to the project in spring 2015.

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If a guy starts rating women, something strange starts to happen.There’s a certain amount of social proof, the quiet pressure on your own perception/judgement from the perceptions/judgements of others, that’s packed into rating women.To maximize the quality and quantity of women in your life you need to maximize your . But In order to maximize your league you first need to be able to calculate your league which isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

His work has been covered by major media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Vice Magazine, The Daily Mail, and Yahoo Shine.He's also been profiled by Buzz Feed and The New Statesman. Few subjects inspire more spirited debate between men than the 1-to-10 scale—the go-to metric for rating a girl’s viability as a sexual partner or arm candy.I’ve literally stayed up all night arguing with buddies about the theoretical underpinnings of the thing—from whether a 10 (“dime”) can actually exist in nature, to the irrelevancy of the “potential-girlfriend factor,” to the exact location of the barely bangable line.As a scientist, I’m obsessed with data in every aspect of my life.I calculate wait times in lines based on number of customers and speed of the checkout clerk.If you’re a woman reading this, then you may not have a clue what I just said.