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We do realise that these people are ruthless, have no mercy and therefore need to be treated like that.” The order follows a UN statement last month which condemned the killing of albino and warned of the sharp increase of murders.

Tanzania banned witch doctors in January 2015 following accusations of killing albinos and the country also sentenced four people to death for the killing of an albino woman.200 witch doctors have since been arrested.

They warned gangs have begun roaming the southern district of Machinga on the hunt for victims.

In The Big Over Easy, author Jasper Fforde includes an "albino community" protest against albino bias among his fictional news clippings, most of which satirize stock characters and hackneyed plot devices.

Chicago Tribune movie reviewer Mark Caro says of this character type that it is someone "who looks albino and thus, in movie shorthand, must be vicious.", especially in popular music (though, as in the case of the Winter brothers, may themselves be the subject of "evil albino" parody).

Albino animals capture public imagination and wonder as zoo attractions, and even in the wild can attract popular, positive attention Fear of vampires and other legendary undead with a deathly pallor, especially in European folklore, could also have contributed to albino bias.

The number of albinos being killed in Tanzania is on the rise as witch doctors continue to make money from trading their body parts.

According to United Nation's Children's Fund, at least 74 people with albinism, including children, have been murdered since 2000, with many more having limbs hacked off as a result of vicious attacks on them by the witch doctors who believe their body parts harness magical powers.