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Maybe they got really busy, left town on vacation, or decided that online dating is just not their thing.

Dating in north devon

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The Social Group was set up in the first place because of our own experience of being single and finding it really difficult to meet people and make new friends.

The Social Group is the favourite social organisation for singles.

SINGLES SEEKING ROMANCE The Social Group is the best way to meet someone special and find romance.

Not everyone who is single is looking for a partner – or wants it to look obvious!

Also can you ALL make name tags to save me time on the door ( yes i want to mingle too) and we will have a competition for best one ( bottle of wine at stake here lol) lets all dress to impress and make this a fantastic night, and if it works then we will make this a regular monthly event. Regards Angie Hahahaha, I just read your post about a flirt wall - never heard of this being done - but think it should be such a laugh!!!!

A few rooms are now available at the wrey arms if need be.looking forward to seeing you all on friday xx What do you guys reckon to having a flirt wall, its basically everyone brings a head and shoulders picture of themselfs and it goes on a wall, then people can leave flirts - much better after you have seen the person in real life dont you think!! So all we need to do then is bring a recent picture of our head and shoulders, lol - sounds great fun!!!!!!!

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Many people have become aware of the recent bad publicity surrounding online dating at the present time, particularly the exposure of some of the online dating company’s practices on the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme Panorama, in the Financial Times Blog and other heavyweight national newspapers, if that applies to you too, it is understandable that you may well be looking for an alternative.( over 120) the venue are now going to provide us with entertainment to make the evening go with a bang and make it easier to mingle - every one loves the reggae moves lol.So polish of your shoes and lets make this a good night.And through out the night you check the wall and see what flirts you have and if any take your fancy - then mingle!!! It is about time we had some like this in Barnstaple .... Look forward to hearing more about this I don't use that brand of shampoo Smiler, so should I slap up a photo of my bar of palmolive soap?* cringes at own quip *Not sure a photo-wall will work when apparently there are a large number of attendees who're guests and aren't on POF, and I daresay - quite a number of others who've not clicked 'add me' but are intending to participate...It seems that a huge number of people are currently looking for a safer and more secure way of meeting, than the risks that are associated with online dating, such as mis-selling, fake profiles, online dating fraud and issues around the security of client’s personal data and photographs.