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It does look like an early example and black coloured Jasperware is one of the earliest of the Wedgwood Colors.

It may be of some value to somebody I just need to find that somebody.

- ' x NINETEENTH-CENTURY ENGLISH CERAMIC ART Presented to the LIBRARY of the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO by Mrs. BLACKER AUTHOR OF ; THE A B O OF COLLECTING OLD ENGLISH POTTERY : THE ABC OF COLLECTING OLD ENGLISH CHINA ' " THE A B C OF JAPANESE ART," ETC. Brown inside and yellow outside, the latter with bold conventional designs in dark greens and browns ; such, too, is the decoration of the A. ware named " Abbots Kerswell," after the home of the youths who lived close at hand and worked with but little outside assistance in the development of the ware, in what is now the Aller Vale Art Potteries (John Phillips). Symons opened an evening school where young men engaged upon the farms might learn to draw, and this became a local school of art which was encouraged, amongst others, by Mr. When, in 1881, his place was rebuilt after a fire, he made it an art pottery and gave employment to some of the students, who had lessons in throwing from a gipsy.

Stella Langdon TWO "CARRARA" WARE VASES MADE BY DOULTON AT LAMBETH. Now about sixty persons are employed, nearly every one being a native of the district, and most of them starting as boys.

These need fear no comparison with the work of other factories, but they are above the ordinary products, the pottery popular as Watcombe ware.

opened for business, a record of two brothers was filed in an English courthouse.

In 1448, Adam and Richard Adams were fined for digging clay in the middle of an English street.

Greg a paste of bicarbonate of soda and a soft bristle toothbrush should clean it up but I like it how it is and I also like the shape - it's rare and has the look of quality to it. Adam held the post of Architect of the King's Works from 1761 to 1769. A Wedgwood cameo pendant has been passed down to me through my mother's family. - could you please describe the cameo pendant, the color, etc, if it is not possible to attach an image?

If anyone is interested in this Wedgwood pendant please reply to Greg in the comments box provided here. A bit under-acknowledged when it comes to Wedgwood I think - the artistic contributions borrowed from the Ancient Greeks courtesy of the Adams family is what I think makes Wedgwood Jasperware so bewitchingly beautiful and collectible today. It has the markings WEDGWOOD 59 G P or G R, any idea what these marking mean to the date of this piece and perhaps the designer? Many of our visitors (some are Wedgwood collectors) would love to see your Cameo beauty. Thank you, Angel Hunter Hi Angel thanks for writing in.