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From ntpdate's man page: "Force the time to be stepped using the settimeofday() system call, rather than slewed (default) using the adjtime() system call.

This option should be used when called from a startup file at boot time." Many of the answers below do not include it, and that maybe part of the problem in getting things to work.

The Net Time project has been resurrected by myself, Mark Griffiths, and I'm now making an updated version available here: If you find Net Time useful, please consider making a donation to show your appreciation and to encourage further development of Net Time!

Version 3.14 - Current Stable Version: Previous versions as well as the source code can be downloaded from the Source Forge project page Note: When upgrading from a previous version, you will need to shut down both the Net Time Service as well as the Tray Icon before running the installer.

I am running Ubuntu on an ARM based embedded system that lacks a battery backed RTC. Thus, I use the NTP service to update the time to the current time.

I added the following line to $ date ; sudo service ntp stop ; sudo ntpdate -s gov ; sudo service ntp start ; date Thu Jan 1 UTC 1970 * Stopping NTP server ntpd [ OK ] * Starting NTP server [ OK ] Thu Feb 14 UTC 2013 notice the '-b' flag on ntpdate.

It's not always obvious that a firewall even exists as they generally allow regular web traffic to pass normally.

If you have temporarily disabled all firewalls that you know of and continue to have this problem, then it's almost certainly a firewall that you aren't aware of.

Graham made a number of updates to the program until he lost interest and finally abandoned the project officially on the 1st of July 2004.I have included my ntp client config as well as all firewall rules. support dst-port=829113 ;;; Jump for icmp forward flow chain=forward action=jump jump-target=ICMP protocol=icmp14 ;;; Drop to bogon list chain=forward action=drop dst-address-list=bogons15 ;;; Add Spammers to the list for 3 hours chain=forward action=add-src-to-address-list protocol=tcp address-list=spammers address-list-timeout=3h dst-port=25,587 connection-limit=30,32 limit=30/1m,016 ;;; Avoid spammers action chain=forward action=drop protocol=tcp src-address-list=spammers dst-port=25,58717 ;;; Accept DNS - UDP chain=input action=accept protocol=udp port=5318 ;;; Accept DNS - TCP chain=input action=accept protocol=tcp port=5319 ;;; Accept to established connections chain=input action=accept connection-state=established20 ;;; Accept to related connections chain=input action=accept connection-state=related21 ;;; Full access to SUPPORT address list chain=input action=accept src-address-list=support22 ;;; Drop anything else!Via Torch I am able to see incoming ntp packets on my WAN port but can't see any (in or out) on the bridge interface. # DO NOT ENABLE THIS RULE BEFORE YOU MAKE SURE ABOUT ALL ACCEPT RULES YOU NEED chain=input action=drop23 ;;; Echo request - Avoiding Ping Flood chain=ICMP action=accept protocol=icmp icmp-options=8:0 limit=1,524 ;;; Echo reply chain=ICMP action=accept protocol=icmp icmp-options=5 ;;; Time Exceeded chain=ICMP action=accept protocol=icmp icmp-options=6 ;;; Destination unreachable chain=ICMP action=accept protocol=icmp icmp-options=3:0-127 ;;; PMTUD chain=ICMP action=accept protocol=icmp icmp-options=8 ;;; Drop to the other ICMPs chain=ICMP action=drop protocol=icmp29 ;;; Jump for icmp output chain=output action=jump jump-target=ICMP protocol=icmp Hello all, I have been having this issue discuseed above when i connected to a new ISP.I discovered that all the places i installed mikrotik as hotspot, the time does not synch with ntp servers.Could it be that they blocked port 123 which ntp client uses.I notice that in /ip firewall connection tracking that the router is sending out UDP packets on port 123 to the active SNTP server address.