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I hate the vanity and how everyone is “so Hollywood.” I hate the pollution. Stories from the news, the Internet, and our friends create an image in our minds. I’ve been to many cities that are run-down, dirty, and full of pretentious people, and have bad traffic. Often, we visit places and do things that further our preconceived notions of the city.

I hate the traffic and the lack of public transportation. We all have our own prejudices and opinions based on what we’ve read and heard over the years. But I often wonder if I see those things more because of my already-formed notions and feelings about the city. We go to Bangkok and see the dirt and pollution because we know it to be a “dirty” city.

Water is now the most consumed beverage in the country; 12.6-billion gallons’ worth last year, according to research and consulting firm Beverage Marketing Corp.

Premium brands are tapping into the demand by producing ever-more pristine, alkalizing, mineral-rich waters. Yogis try day after day to improve their practice and now Wearable X is offering yoga pants embedded with electronics meant to help finesse their alignment.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had preconceived notions about Los Angeles. Los Angeles isn’t the only city in the world like this. “hateable.” None of these “issues” are super off-putting, and I’ve had many fun moments in L. We go experience romance in Paris or party on the island of Ko Phangan.

Perhaps you’re anticipating a similar experience for your own kids.

At the very least, we assume you’re familiar with the concept thanks to movies such as “The Parent Trap,” “Wet Hot American Summer,” “Moonrise Kingdom” or the mother of all camp fantasies:...

California and 14 other states took legal action Thursday to try to preserve Affordable Care Act funds that insurance companies receive to lower insurance costs for some Americans. So he decided he might have better luck making them share with someone else: each other. As I near the half-century mark, I find there are more exercises that I physically cannot do. A wound on her foot that had become infected wasn’t healing because of her diabetes. A year and a half ago, it seemed likely she was going to lose part of her leg. The images they were about to see would be gruesome: a woman bleeding out at the Boston Marathon, a video of a terrorist repeatedly stabbing a stranger.

Roughly 5 million Californians gained health insurance through the national law, also known as Obamacare, California... Marc Weigensberg was having trouble getting his younger diabetes patients to listen to him. Mentally, however, what I can’t do is stop being active. When we were young, we felt bulletproof and pushing through pain was rarely problematic. But the speaker asked the audience not to avert their eyes.