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First of all, let me just say that whomever they are getting their 'sources' from needs to be fired real fast!

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In a second experiment, 80 white 15-month-old babies saw a fair and an unfair researcher distribute toys to a white and an Asian recipient.

Half the babies saw the unfair experimenter give more to the Asian recipient and the other half saw them give more to the white recipient.

A preview clip shows Zach wondering whether the baby will have dwarfism, like Zach, or be average-sized, like Tori.

In a preview, Zach hopes his son won't have to contend with the bullying that Zach says he went through when he was younger.

“It’s surprising to see these pro-social traits of valuing fairness so early on, but at the same time, we’re also seeing that babies have self-motivated concerns.” The researchers let 40 white 15-month-old babies watch two white experimenters divide toys – one equally and the other unequally.

When the infants had a chance to choose who to play with, 70 per cent of the time they preferred the fair researcher.

Communication style, passion and kindness are just a few of the 29 dimensions we take into consideration, while our setting options allow you to filter by ethnicity, language, age, distance and religion.

The researchers concluded that this implied babies could take into account both race and social history when deciding which person to play with.

“About half of the research assistants in my lab were Asian-American and the other half were Caucasian, and most of the babies in our experiments are Caucasian,” said Prof Jessica Sommerville.

“We know that by preschool, children show in-group bias concerning race, but results in infants have been mixed.

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