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"It's that you're wearing a mask." Once suitably masked, you're placed into a mixed-gender group with four other users for a very casual ice breaker, a simple survey in which everyone's answers are revealed at the same time.

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He lifts it off curiously and finds there is a worn tag attached to it. He recognizes them from his neighborhood, but becomes alarmed when he sees they are staring curiously at his open doorway."A gift for you.” He reads out loud and then frowns deeper. Probably because he is crouched, and probably not very visible from the street.大好きな気持ち ホントのこと 伝えきれずもうさよなら 元気で暮らしてと いつもの場所 ふたり無理に笑いながら 未知の上はしゃぐ 踊る未来の粒 真っ白な想い出を 胸にしまった日の約束 君と生きた毎日 ただ君だけを愛した日 たぶん僕のすべてが君のそばにあった 当たり前の毎日 二度と逢えぬこの日を どんなときも忘れないように こうやって時を止めたい こんなに辛くて忘れたいよ あなたの声 優しい手 諦めたくて逃げたいほど情けなくて いつも一人 音が急に鳴る 君のための歌が カバンの中あふれてる ふたり好きだったメロディー 君が泣いた訳を ただ探して恋した日 たぶん君のすべては僕のためにあった もう帰れない場所が こんな風に過ぎ去ってく どんなときも忘れないように こうやって時を止めたい 離れてくなんて 思わなかった ふたりのすべて いつまでも・・・ ごめん僕もう先を急ぐ(Oh) 二人共待つ街の記憶(Oh) 溢れ出る様波の如く(そう) 山を彩る秋の如く (街の記憶) 現在(いま)も光って 未だ光ってしまって・・・ 君と生きた毎日 ただ君だけを愛した日 たぶん僕のすべてが君のそばにあった 当たり前の毎日 二度と逢えぬこの日を どんなときも忘れないように こうやって時を止めたい 君と生きた毎日 ただ君だけを愛した日 それは現在(いま)なお僕襲う(Oh) あの歌また記憶解く(Oh) 溢れ出る様波の如く(そう) 山を彩る秋の如く 当たり前の毎日 二度と逢えぬこの日を (街の記憶) 身勝手になって 胸に仕舞ってみたって 現在(いま)も光って 未だ光ってしまって・・・Arashi and Downtown are hilarious in this segment! I apologize beforehand for any grammatical mistake Ishihara Satomi's question was: If you were a girl, which member would you like to date and why? He's very organized regarding his schedule and it looks like there would be no time for them to have fun together. The program staff recorded questions some guests made for Arashi that they wanted to be answered sincerely (the guests were Ishihara Satomi (Matsujun co-star in Shitsuren Chocolatier), Ogura Tomoaki (or Ogu-san), Arimura Kasumi (actress), Uehara Koji (baseball player), Eita, Rola and Funasshi (one of Chiba's mascots)). And which one you wouldn't like to date, please tell me the reason why.

headed down to the Tokyo Dome late last June where Arashi was making a stop on their Arashi’s Exciting School tour. Nearly 70 percent of the people he asked weren’t really into Johnny’s other idol groups. Not to mention it would be hard to contact Ohno in the middle of the ocean, leaving Sakurai worried and lonely. ' I feel bad that he chose me but...' (Ohno: I'll definitely say that I love you! Among us (the members) he's the more mysterious. I'm the same as you sometimes when I listen to a song I don't like it at first, but after some time I start thinking 'Wow! But until now I did not watch all episodes of Hana Yori Dango! Since he likes fishing probably he would choose to go to fishing trips instead of being with him. hahahaha I wonder what kind of place Aiba would take Matsujun for a date... At first I was attracted to Matsujun because of his looks after watching an Arashi interview ^_^ . Each member in the group has a strong personality and holds a specific role within their group as well as in the entertainment industry.Arashi is a common Japanese word meaning “storm” but utter it to any Japanese person and images of the top male idol unit in the country will likely cross their minds before those of cloudy skies and overflowing gutters. Not to take anything away from Arashi as performers – they’re good looking chaps who have a sound easier to digest than a cup of warm yogurt. Sunjun to interview Arashi fans and get to the bottom of the group’s appeal. As such there were many fans milling around outside the stadium wearing school uniforms. Johnny & Associates is an agency that creates and promotes boy bands such as SMAP and Kis-My-Ft2. felt a sense of awe that this group could break beyond the circle of male idol fanatics sometimes called (Johnny’s otaku) and draw fans from everywhere. On the other hand Riida was chosen by Sakurai and Matsujun as someone they wouldn't like to date! Sakurai was dumped before he had the chance to confess! It's good that your parents know,and that they help you :) It seems ^_^ First I watched Hana Yori Dango and I liked the character; well a bit rough but It's tsukasa, ne^_^ and he's good person; after I knew about Arashi and now I really love them!! (more or less) but I became an active fan four years ago.